Suggestion for Bestter processor

I Want to built a Desktop for regular use for Browsing and working on Designing softwares like Autodesk, Revit etc
First thing i dont play much games
So Please suggest me a best processor amd or Intel with good performance and also configuration of other components
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  1. You're not very specific.

    Budget? How heavy are your designing software on the system?
  2. what is your budget?
    for the kind of work that you plan to do, you should do well with more cores. Quad cores will suffice and the more the better. Adobe, Autodesk and Dassault are strongly focusing on better threaded 3D modelling and simulation software.
  3. Budget needed :)
  4. darth pravus said:
    Budget needed :)

    Around 25K
  5. I'm guessing that's not USD or GBP.

    What currency?
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