Can a netgear wireless usb adapter signal read off of a linksys router signal?

This little problem that I am having has been probably answered a million times, I just need someone to engrave it to me in my mind on what I should do with this situation. I just bought a Netgear WNA3100 wireless usb adapter for my HP Win 7 64 bit laptop. I have been trying for 2 and half days to figure out why my speed is slow, why i don't have a good signal, and/ or if I do have a bit of a signal to my luck, why my signal comes and goes. I don't have internet at home at the moment because I am trying to save up to go to school. I am picking up a public business signal from a block away (which I have asked for permission to use), but I only am receiving not much of a signal with the Netgear usb wireless adapter. I am not an expert on technology, but I can try to find my way around it as much as possible with some guidance. PLEASE GUIDE ME! lol Thank you in advance.
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  1. What matters is the standard, not the manufacturer. A wireless G device will work with any Wireless G router. Wireless N will work with a wireless N router. Wireless N at 2.5GHz will work with wireless G equipment. Wireless N at 5GHz will only work with other 5GHz N equipment, but you will get the full range and speed of the N standard.

    there are some 'speed boost' technologies that are manufacturer specific, so you may notice that some things will seem slower than others, but the equipment will still work just fine at stock/standard speeds.
  2. by the way, before you go purchasing any equipment, please be aware that the AC standard (name may change before it is released) will be out before the end of the year and will be equivilant to gigabit Ethernet speeds.
  3. The issue is the signal you are picking up is probably weak by the time it reaches you. WiFi has a usable range of at most 300 feet or so, and once you add in interference from other signals, walls, it's about half that or less. And why would a laptop with Windows 7 need an additional WiFi adapter, it should have one built-in. To increase the reception you can get a higher gain external antenna for the USB wifi stick, if it has an option to use one.
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