CPU usage is 60-70% while it is idle

I use win 7 and for a couple of days my PC is showing 50%- 70% usage where as no processes are running I have tried many other forums they only state that something like windows media player log is running I have tried reinstalling rebooting etc no use! here are my PC's system info:
Processor:Intel R core(TM) i5 CPU
RAM: 12.0GB
OS:64 Bit windows 7
Plss If you have any answer email me at dj.mashup1@gmail.com
THnx in advance :D
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  1. When i have issues like this i start with Virus scanners and real time protection software. i Uninstall them, and then run something like CClearner to tidy up. and then see how things are for the next few days.
    I found that MS Security Essenisals appears to slow down after a while, and then slow everything else down.
    Web broswers take up loads of memory, looking at task manager now and i have 4 tabs open in Chrome but 12 'chrome.exe *32' Processes running takeing up most of my limited RAM.
    Look at 'Task Manager' and arrange the columns in order of CPU useage, and target the top 5 programs.
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