Dedicated video ram on Intel HD

Okay i know this question is being asked alot and i still dont understand squat! My Intel Hd Graphics 2000 tells me i have 64 MB dedicated memorey and a total of 1.4 Gigs...Now i understand that part. What i dont get is that if i play a game which requires more memory than 64 MB will the game use the memory from the Total memory which is 1.4Gigs....and if so will that affect the gameplay and my whole PCs performance.My Specs are:
Intel Core i3 540 @3.07 Ghz
4 Gbs of ram Ddr3
500 Hdd
Intel Hd Graphics

Please reply, i would be very thankful! :)
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  1. The HD graphics will borrow from the main system memory as it needs
  2. 64mb will be dedicated to the graphics chip and beyond that will be dynamically shared if required and will slow the system down dramatically. There maybe a setting in the bios to increase the dedicated amount but I’m assuming not by much.

    If you wish to play semi demanding games then I recommend buying a discrete video card.
  3. your intel i3 540 does not have intel hd graphics 2000 only intel hd graphics
  4. Ok Thanks and im kinda of a noob here so let me get this straight...Its gonna borrow memory from the RAM?
  5. yes its going to allocate and share some of your system's memory and use it for your video card.
  6. Okay Thanks! :)
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