Is AMD Athlon 2 x2 245 2.9 Ghz good for gaming ?

Im just curious what games i can play with that CPU and a decent GPU im gonna buy :wahoo:
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  1. It's not a fast CPU. What GPu will you buy as that makes most difference.
  2. you would be better off buying something else. preferably a phenom 2 960 if your motherboard supports it.
  3. Even though it's an older CPU it is still capable for gaming, Just you as high as you could with a newer cpu
  4. It depends on your other hardware:
    -If you want to upgrade to it without getting a new motherboard, then get the athlon x2 270 @ $55.
    -If you want to upgrade with a new mobo and will not have a video card, then get the AMD A-4 5300 @ $55.
    -If you are getting a video card, then get the Intel celeron G555 @ $57.
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