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my computer restarts while i play games.. my processor is AND PHENOM(tm) 2 X2 PROCESSOR. my ram is 2gb... graphics card is radeon ATI RADEON HD 4250.. when i play games the display pauses for a few seconds and tha game application closes itself.. then i get a notification in my desktop that mw display driver has stopped working and has recovered.. why is this happening?? what should i do to stop this isuue?
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  1. Did you update to the latest drivers from AMD.
  2. the "driver has stop responding but recovered" error usually means you have a faulty video card, most likely faulty vram. You can test your vram by downloading video memory stress test from here http://mikelab.kiev.ua/index_en.php?page=programs/vmt_en

    run that program and check continuous test. If you get errors then you know you have a faulty vram, if you're not getting any errors let it complete at least 6 passes. I've had ram fail after the 2/3 pass, so its best to complete multiple passes just to be sure.

    If your card is bad and still under warranty then try to rma it, if its not under warranty you are kinda SOL and need to buy a replacement.
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