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I've recently put together my first system (so obviously i'm no expert) but already I am noticing a particular problem. I've built the machine primarily for gaming using Intel Core i5-3570 CPU, and I also have an N-Vidia GTX 650 2GB graphics card, and 8GB ram. The problem is that when I've tried playing WoW, and Assassin's Creed 3, the CPU says its operating at 99% capacity and the game play is really poor visually and the lag i experience is unreal. Any ideas what the problem could be?
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  1. its probly ur gtx 650 its a weak card
  2. any suggestions to improve performance without buying a new gfx card straight away seeing as I've only just bought everything and am a little strapped for cash right now?
  3. Have you checked to make sure that the Graphic card is being used and not the GPU on the Intel?
  4. Also what settings are you playing those games at?
  5. I just went into bios and disabled the internal graphics?

    and all the AC3 settings were on normal, and on WoW I started off on high, but brought it down to fair, hasn't really made any difference
  6. Ok good, and the monitor DVI/VGA cable is plugged into the Nvidia 650 too?
  7. The Nvidia 650 should be able to play those games on medium to high graphics settings.
  8. tobensg said:
    Ok good, and the monitor DVI/VGA cable is plugged into the Nvidia 650 too?

    Yes the monitor is plugged into the Graphics card, and that's what I thought, don't know what's going on. surely the CPU shouldn't be at 99% running just two programs though?
  9. When you know the CPU is running at high percentage, right click on the Taskbar and open Task Manger. In the processes TAB click at the bottom to Show all Processes. Have a look and see what process is being used on your CPU.
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