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I have a corsair hx850 bought it referbished(not used), from day one sometimes it won't start unless i hit it softly few times, it doesn't matter whether it is a cold start or not.

I have stressed it before, it works like a charm, my only issue with it is that 20% of times won't start until few tabs on it.

I have opened it up, everything is brandnew in it, and checked every component nothing is moving or it's solder not good or have burning signals.

I have tried the jump start method and put it in a pc method, same results, 20% of the time won't start. Also tested with multimeter, every voltage is accurate.

Does anyone knows what is going with that psu?

P.S. Rma is not an option.

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  1. You might want to replace your psu .
  2. christop said:
    You might want to replace your psu .

    RMA is not option !
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