Sound card or not to sound card

Hey guys/gals, Just put together a new system last night

mobo: Asus z77 v pro
case: Haf X Blue edition
cpu: i5 3570k 3.4 oc to 4.5
cooler: 212 evo
psu: corsair hx 750
ssd: samsung 830 128gb
hdd: Seagate 2tb
optical: Asus dvd rw
GPU: GTX 580

Now with this set up i mostly use myhead phones but i do have a semi decent logitech 5.1 and i have a SB audigy SE Sound care from my old computer that i havent brought over to the new build. My question is would it be worth it or is the onboard just as good?
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  1. Not to sound card that is the answer...

    I mean look at your motherboard it already has 5.1 audio on the integrated board if you have the HD audio driver installed you should have no problem
  2. Unless you have headphones worth over £100 or a decent set of speakers then it's not worth the difference as you won't notice.
  3. thanks guy
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