Originally CMOS problem, now cant find SSD with W7, please help

Hi I'm having major problems with not being able to get my computer on, any help is hugley appreciated.

Unfortunatley for some reason the computer booted up, told me I had a CMOS problem and would go no further so I loaded the last knows working configuration in the BIOS menu, it reset and came on and worked fine. Now after turning it off and then attempting to turn it on again it seems to hold for a long time, around 30 to 40 seconds (normally passes this page in 1-2 sec) on the LAN Party picture page at the start of the boot sequence before loading and identifying the RAM etc. Then it asks me to insert system disk in what I can only assume is an attemp to load windows on to my second HDD. Windows is installed onto my 60gb SSD and I have a 300gb Baracuda in there aswell. It seems to me from clicking on Standard CMOS features that its not picking up the SSD at all yet it recognizes the Baraccuda absolutley fine.

Could anyone help me with this as I've just moved house and am struggling like hell to find an OS on DVD anywhere and I still can't understand why it would pick up the 300gb normal hard drive yet not pickup the 60gb SSD?

The message it comes up with after

My comp is as follows:

i7 920
6gb Corsair Dominator
OCZ SSD 60gb
300gb Barracuda
DFI LanParty JR X58-T3H6 MicroATX LGA1366
Atrix Power 12v P4 Extreme Power 650W
Coolmaster v10
GTX 460 SE

Any help would be so appreciated I've been looking at the same screen for 3hours not knowing what the hell to do.

What I've done is:

Load default settings for CMOS - No change
Attempt to put it on an "IDE channel slave" or "master" - Doesnt pick up anything whatsoever on auto detection
Loaded optimized defaults - No change

All I'd like it to do is recognise it has the SSD attached which I've checked after this problem arose and it most certainly is, the cable is actually linked between the 300gb and the 60GB SSD so there shouldnt be a problem there im almost certain its software related or my SSD has snuffed it. Is this likely as I've never owned one before (I thought they were more reliable)

SOS too the comp whizzes out there, many thanks for your time
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  1. When you reset the BIOS to it's defaults, the SSD and the HDD both went from AHCI to IDE, that is why your non-OS HDD is being recognized as a drive while the SSD just doesn't show up.
    Get into the BIOS and change the SATA Controller setting from IDE to AHCI.
    Save and exit, reboot into BIOS. Check to see if the SSD shows up.
    Then Change the Boot Sequence to the SSD being the first and only Boot device. Save , exit and boot into the OS.
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