PC Gaming Build for $600-$800

Approximate Purchase Date: Before the end of September

Budget Range: $600-$800, after rebates, before shipping

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming (e.g., Guild Wars 2, Starcraft II, Diablo III), surfing the internet

Are you buying a monitor: No

Do you need to buy OS: no

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Amazon, since I already have a store card with them (though I am willing to go new egg

Location: Jersey City, NJ

Parts Preferences: Intel i5

Overclocking: Maybe, but I probably won't

SLI or Crossfire: no

Why Are You Upgrading: I used to use my laptop for gaming, but that is quickly becoming dated. I'd like something that can run today's games relatively well, but for not so high a price.
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    i3 2120- 125

    ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3- 125$

    cosair RAM- 50$

    CORSAIR Builder Series CX500-60$

    Western Digital Caviar Blue 500gb- 70$

    Samsung 22X DVD±RW Burner - $17

    HIS H687FN1GD Radeon HD 6870 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card 160$ [...] 6814161389

    Antec Three Hundred Black- 55$

    This comes out to about 663$ im not sure on your res but at 1920x1080 it will play bf3 on high, If you have the money to spare go ahead and grab a 7850, and 3570k/asrock z77 pro3 mobo
  2. What's the difference between Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge for gaming? Is it very noticeable? Also, is there much of a difference between i3 and i5? I've heard the i5 is better for gaming.
  3. Well lets just say, sandy bridge = better for overclocking but overall the ivy bridge is newer and better and why not get it? yes there is a difference the i5 has 4 cores and the i3 has 2. The i5 3570k is The best gaming cpu's you can get
  4. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your help.

    Newegg says that the motherboard has been discontinued. Is there something else I can swap it out with?

    Just to compare, does anyone else have any other suggestions, perhaps for a build between $700 and $800?
  5. You can swap it with asrock z77 extreme 4, or for cheaper just grab a asrock z77 pro3...

    If you do want to spend in that high area then Swap out the gpu in the above build and replace it with this,
    And now with these changes and in the future you can easily swich your cpu to a 3570k without upgrading the mobo, you will have a kick ass system
  6. Thanks buddy! I'll definitely look into that. Should I grab the 3570k from the get go?

    BTW, shouldn't have said "thanks everyone" above. Meant to say "Thanks spicy." :)
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