570sli or 680? i only have one 570 now

Okay, so i have an i5-2500k and gtx 570 Superclock. Should I buy another 570 Superclock and SLI, or sell my 570 (got offered $200) and get a 680? either way i am looking at $300 for a graphics upgrade.
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  1. Sli the 570.
  2. You could go either way. I would lean towards the 680. Why: less power, new 6-series features, much faster than a 570, can SLI later when they drop in price, instead of sli-ing cards 1 gen back. Wouldn't be quite as fast as 2 570s though, just more future proof.
  3. Mousemonkey said:
    Sli the 570.

  4. Sell your GTX 570 then go for a EVGA GTX 670 FTW, best price to performance ratio IMO.


    My FTW whomps on both the 7950/7970 in most games and even the mighty reference 680 out the box.


    My reasoning: It's almost foolish to spend about $100 more when you can have the same performance for cheaper.
  5. bdbeall said:

    You already have one of the cards and SLi'd they will out perform a single 680, it's your money do what you want.
  6. I've usually been a fan of single card solutions, but I had 2 560 448s and the 680's weren't available, so I sli'd them on a lark. Works great. Considerably faster than a single 680. So I'm skipping this generation.
  7. does anyone have benchmarks for BF3 for a 680 and 570 sli? I tried googling but could only either get BF2 benches for 570 or gtx 670 reviews...
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