My pc keeps crashing when playing games

hi, man my pc keeps crashing too always when i try to play a game, i can play for around 5 minutes then my pc crashes. And when it does, i get weird noises out of my speakers and then i have no choice to shut it down the bad way (matter of fact i have to use the reset button). My pc started acting weird since my AntiVirus ran out and then i put new one on it and ofc. i deleted the first one. My pc has 6GB RAM
my processor is 2.50ghz and my intern is 1TB so i rlly dunno whats happening? Pls help
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  1. Did you try deleting your new Antivirus?
  2. yup i deleted both now cause the 2nd one was actually a trial because i wanted to scan my pc for virusses just once to make sure.
  3. Hey, I have the same issue, although I use microsoft security and malwarebytes, I know it's not a virus and I've been running various diagnostics on it trying to fix it for the past month. Here are my system specs, please help. Essentially I can run a game for between 5 to 30 minutes before it black screens, I can still hear everything but I have to force shut down.
    (Or I will link system specs once I figure out how to do that without adding 10 pages to this convo.)
  4. I'd suggest running a memory test.
  5. I've already tried running the built in memory test on my laptop, all green =/ took it to be looked at at compUSA, they ran the Heaven DX11 Benchmark. Apparently it ran fine on that, (It's a graphics test) but for whatever reason I still can't play games. When I got this laptop originally it could handle most if not all games on max settings. I'm at a loss at this point x.x.
  6. are u also getting black screens and weird noises when it crashes?
  7. My screen goes black, I have to hard reset, the sound is fine though. Relatively clear, I can hear what's going on ingame and I literally had a conversation telling my friends on mumble chat that I just crashed when they think I ragequit.
  8. oh haha i've had that problem too on my other computer and i haven't solved that either i think i tried fixing it by checking my cooling system, cleaning it a lil' etc and then it worked again. I'm not rlly sure if it worked, it happend a long time ago.. But i'm sure i had that problem too
  9. but you're on a lap so i have no idea how to clean ur cooling system so i sugest to wait for a person to answer your questions here
  10. I already have a cooling pad and I've checked the temps and it's not the heating.
  11. So far I still haven't been able to get it to work after running memory diagnostics, updating windows 7, maintenence tasks and performance issues x.x..
  12. Have you tested your CPU at max capacity? That could be the problem. What kind of heatsink do you have on your CPU? Id suggest running prime95 for an hour or so and see if it crashes. If it does, well, theres your problem.

    Only do what is below this line if it crashed during the prime95 stress test:

    1. Remove any over clocks if you have any
    2. If you removed an over clock, try stress testing again. If it passes an hour after removing over clock, you are fine.
    3. Well, if the first two didn't apply or didn't work, you will have to get a better CPU heatsink/fan. I would suggest the hyper 212 evo from cooler master if you are currently using a stock cooler.

    One other thing you can troubleshoot is if you have bad airflow. Try removing the side of the case, and see if you can game at all. If you can, keep the case side off, and zap-strap a large fan to the side.
  13. I ran prime95 for an hour like you said and am still running it, but it hasn't crashed. Do I have any other options? That doesn't seem to be the problem x.x
  14. Anonymous said:
    but you're on a lap so i have no idea how to clean ur cooling system so i sugest to wait for a person to answer your questions here

    I had the same problem a month ago. I solved it by updating the drivers but it could be a lot of things. What's your rig's profile (who made it) (CPU, motherboard, psu, video card specs, etc).? Do you have a UPS unit? Did you check the Ram as 'Sunius' recommended? If you know how to download your PC's drivers, get the lastest ones now. Heat can cause computers to crash. Laptops sometimes crash this way are more than likely to have too much dust. So make sure the dust is blown out of the bottom and side air vents get a can of air. On PCs, pop the door and blow it out with a can of air. Do you know how to ground yourself or have a wrist strap? We're just getting some easy stuff done and out of the way so everyone can get a better look at the problem.
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