Computer shuts off when playing high resolution games (Deus Ex, Civ 5,

hey all. my computer shuts off without warning when playiong high resolution games like civ5 after about an hour or so of play. my idle temps are normal at about 40 for both my cpu and gpu. i have a corsair 750W power supply, radeon 6800 series gpu and i5 2500k cpu. nothing is overclocked, and my temps before my computer shuts off is about 70-80. i can leave it on for as long as i want, and my computer does NOT shut off when playing lower resolution games.
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  1. what are you using to test temperatures? What about temp for GPU?
  2. What are your GPU temps when playing games?
  3. Seeing as how it is a symptom that arises from an increased resolution, I'd say it is definitely an issue with the gpu and isn't likely to have anything to do with the cpu. If you have not already done so, I would suggest using driver sweeper to uninstall your current graphic drivers and install the most recent version. Make sure to use driver sweeper before updating.

    After doing that, test the games again and see if the issue persists. If it does, then make sure monitor the gpu stats in game (temp, vram usage, power usage, etc.) If nothing looks out of the ordinary, then it could very well be a defective power supply.
  4. schnitter said:
    what are you using to test temperatures? What about temp for GPU?

    sapphire trixx, about 70-80 after an hour or so
  5. im using sapphire trixx to take the gpu temps. during a game i would have an average tempurture of about 70-80, nothing extraordinarily high. thank you very much for the responses, i appreciate all the feedback!
    i will try driver sweeper and see how it goes after a few hours of play.
  6. ss202sl said:
    What are your GPU temps when playing games?

    about 70-80
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