Building a new PC, should I change the thermal paste?

So I recently built an old PC that broke after a short amount of use. I took all the componets out including the heatsink with the thermal paste on it. And returned the MB. Its been a week and my new MB has arrived and before I build the PC I need to know.

Should I put on some new thermal paste, the heatsink has been sitting out. But the current thermal paste is still wet. So I figure no...just let me know.
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    Yes you have to reapply anytime you remove the heat sink.
  2. chugot9218 said:
    Yes you have to reapply anytime you remove the heat sink.

    Even if it is still sticky? Do you think it would be ok if I booted up my PC and checked the temp on the BIOS?
  3. It will probably be okay to check the temps but they will probably be high, the fact that it is still "sticky" doesn't matter, some of it may have dried and I doubt it will spread correctly if replaced. The issue is that there can easily be air bubbles in the paste that will interrupt heat transfer.
  4. Got it, well looks like im headed out to the local PC shop. Thanks for the input.
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