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Budget Graphics Card for HTPC

Hey guys, I've been reading these forums for a few months now with all my computer questions being answered by reading other posts. But I'm going to shoot a question out there now....

I got rid of cable and would like to use my PC as a DVR/HTPC

Here's what I have...

It's A HP Pavillion P6210y Windows 7 Home I got at best buy with a microATX mobo and these specs:

AMD Athlon II X 4 2.6 Ghz


Integrated Graphics using NVIDIA GeForce 9100

300 W Factory PSU

Mid size ATX Case( according to HP)

640 gb Hard drive.

Now I was working with my brother who was helping me but I had some questions I didn't understand his answers to.....

I considered a EVGA 1GB NVIDIA GTX 560 ti, but he said that it wouldn't fit in my PCI Express x16 slot, that didn't make sense to me so he recommended a new mobo that would fit my processer along with new RAM since the new RAM wasn't compatible with my old MOBO...

Am I wrong in thinking that the video card would work(granted I also purchased a new PSU as well) in that slot?

Regardless my true question for this forum is this...

I won't be getting the GTX 560 ti now as I plan to build a gaming PC later on.

So I'm looking for a budget NVIDIA (Since My mobo already has Integrated NVIDIA-Don't wanna mix NVIDIA and AMD) graphics card that I can use for watching Hulu, Netflix, youtube, and later on after I purchase a tuner device- recorded antenna television.

My TV that I have it hooked up to now is about a 5 year old Sharp 40" LCD 1080i TV. The TV played Xbox/PS3 fine but with my PC hooked up via DVI to HDMI now the video is choppy.

I've got about 150 to spend right now and could come up with more cash but I was looking for a budget video card that would play HD and not be choppy anymore. Let me know what you think.....Sorry about the long post, Call me NOOB.
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    Okay to start off, I don't think it's right to call you a 'noob' :lol: everyone starts out somewhere right?

    Anyway getting to the long as your PC has a PCI-E 16x slot, any card will fit in it. So you were right, and your brother was wrong.

    Also, if you get a new PSU, any GPU you put into your computer will work! So you were right about this as well.

    Now if you're only going to be watching Hulu and Netflix...I think something like a GT 450 would do the trick, maybe something a bit lower if you won't really do any gaming.
  2. Nice!

    I was looking around on newegg and found the GT 440 For about 80 bucks. I couldn't find the GT 450, but from the reviews on the 440 it seems like it would handle what I need. Plus I'd be able to get a good PSU now as well too! Thanks!
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