What happens if 600W UPS is forced to deliver 800 watts by the PSU?

Wat happens if 600 W UPS is forced to deliver 850 W by the PSU?
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  1. It dies....
  2. The voltage drops, your computer switches off and, if you're unlucky, you kill your ups completely. Think of overloading the power grid (black or brown outs) or short circuiting a battery (ooooh, sparks and pop)
  3. Boom...
  4. small thermonuclear explosion....
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    kalyan90 said:
    Wat happens if 600 W UPS is forced to deliver 850 W by the PSU?

    The UPS will detect an overload condition and shut itself down. That's assuming that the specific UPS has the proper protection circuits built-in.
  6. +1 to above..... please do not notify homeland security, I was just kidding....
  7. Hi :)

    You CANNOT force a psu to do anything lol....

    All the best Brett :)
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  9. Well, I need to disagree. I am using a 600VA/360W Zebronics UPS from 2 years with my PSU being 600W. Had no problems with the UPS, but backup time is like for only 40-50 secs, I'd just off my system instantly if my power goes off. I also dont have any performance issues too..
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