Do I buy a Mountain Mods UFO

Dispite all my chopping and slicing of my budget case, my water cooling loop is outgrowing it's capabilities (and my imagination). I've been really loooking hard at the Mountain Mods UFO case. Anyone with feedback, pro - con?
The box with my customizations comes to ~$380
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    well the review seems good, well for the price u get quality, and at 380$ u expect just that, seems strong contrustion and good space for a water cooling setup.

    ive only heard good things about the company that mods that case, mountain mods.

    so i mean from the looks of it looks like a case id personally buy if i needed a cool moded case with good build, space and watercoolign setup.
  2. ^ That's good stuff there, anyone else with input here?
  3. well i can only say ive always dreamed of having such a case but i find the cost quite high, but if i did have the money, id get it def, i like ufos and flying saucers :P

    besides the ufo mod any other hightier modded cases ur into?
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