Display problems.

Could use some help here. Recently, for no apparent reason I am getting no display at startup. I've never had this issue before so I checked multiple things.

1) I first made sure everything was seated and hooked in properly. Check.
2) I checked to make sure it wasn't the monitor by using a different monitor. Check.
3) I made sure it wasn't the cord. I used a different type of cord and different port types (hdmi and dvi) on both the monitor and the graphics card. Check.
4) I checked to make sure it wasn't the graphics card. I took out the card and switched to the integrated graphics on my mobo. Still not it.
5) Since I was going to upgrade my mobo anyways I went ahead and ordered another. After getting it all hooked up today, there is still no display on startup.

I can't think of anything else to check. Everything is powered. There are no burn marks on any part of the new or old mobo's or on the gpu. The new mobo oddly doesn't have integrated graphics or it has no display port for it (asus sabertooth amd) so I can't test that. There is no getting in to mess around with drivers because there is no display in the first place(also a new mobo should fix this right?). I'm clueless.
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  1. Guessing what card you have then it looks like it is dead! Your old motherboard (guessing again) might have had onboard disabled in BIOS!
  2. Then how would I enable it in BIOS without the display to do so? Also, how can I make sure that it is my gpu (560 btw) that is dead?
  3. Two motherboards and no display and it worked before indicates GPU. Resetting BIOS would enable onboard since it is default and many boards will not display from onboard if a card is inserted into the PCIe X16 slot, automatic disabling.
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