Want upgrade from GTX470, Do you recommend GTX 570? IF so, what type?

I have a GTX 470 but want to upgrade to GTX 570? Is that a good idea? Which video card would be best?
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  1. No, your not gonna notice much of a change to be honest. just like a 480 to a 570 isn't a huge jump. wait a little longer. get either a 580 or a 670
  2. Save up for a 670
  3. There is a 20% relative performance increase when upgrading from a reference clocked GeForce GTX 470 to a reference clocked GeForce GTX 570.

    What is your budget? You can try getting a factory overclocked GeForce GTX 570 with a core clock of 800 MHz.
  4. Thanks so much for your information. If I wait and then get a GTX 580 or GTX 670, would I need to also upgrade power supply, add ram, or any other equipment like cooling or other? Here is what I have:
    Intel I7 950 3.06GHZ 8 m LGA 1366
    EVGA Superclock GTX 470 1.25GB... one GTX 470
    A-Data Gaming Series 2GB X3... 6 GB total
    Thermaltake TR2 RX-850 ... 850W power supply

    If I wait and willing to get a killer deal down the road, what suggestions would you recommend here to really increase its performance, please let me know. Thanks everyone!!!......
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    You don't need to upgrade your PSU if you get the GTX 670 as it uses as much energy as the GTX 560 Ti and your PSU would even handle 2 in SLI. ;)
  6. El Tigre, I appreciate your response. So, from your perspective, there would be no need to make any changes with PSU. That sounds great. What about my 6GB Ram or anything else? Thanks in advance!!!!
  7. No need to either as games today still barely take advantage of 4gb of ram. You would need more ram if you use ram intensive applications like editing software and such, but for gaming, you are good to go. ;)
  8. El Tigre, would you tell me which type or model GTX 670 do you recommend? Make, Model, OC or not, or ? Thanks.
  9. If you want to spend ~300 dollars, wait for the 660 or 660ti to come out, it will be better than the 570.
  10. linkster01 said:
    El Tigre, would you tell me which type or model GTX 670 do you recommend? Make, Model, OC or not, or ? Thanks.

    Tom's on different models of 670:,3217.html
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