Couple of questions about new AMD-FX Gaming Rig!

I am looking at the GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD5, for my new AMD-FX 8350 gaming rig, when it says the board supports 2000mhz ddr3 memory (O.C.), does that mean I can buy 2000mhz ddr3 memory and put it in or get 1866mhz ddr3 and overclock to 2000mhz ddr3? I hear the FX-8350 is actually a good gaming cpu, maybe a little slower then Intel in a few games but it's price is better, and it has much better memory support, more sata 6gbps slots and I hear a full out AMD/ATI rig is really good for gaming with 7xxx video cards, etc.
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  1. yes on the 2000mhz ddr3 memory, basicaly it just means that the motherboard has an extra memory speed option that has to be set manually. You can overclock 1866 memory, but most memory sticks don't like to be overclocked much past their rated speed. Its better to just get the faster memory, its guaranteed to work.

    But if your into overclocking the cpu, get the asus sabertooth, much better bios and control.
  2. So you're saying if a motherboard says it supports 1333/1600/2000(O.C.)/2133(O.C), I can buy 2133MHz memory and install and it will work no problem, no need to overclock 1600MHz memory then correct?
  3. correct.
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