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I recently put in a Radeon 7870 graphics card into my computer but I haven't really seen a drastic increase in gaming performance up from the 5750. Could the problem be that my processor and motherboard are holding it back? I have a store bought Dell Inspiron 580.

My current motherboard is the Dell Inc. 0C2KJT A00
My current Processor is the Intel Core i3 CPU 550 3.20GHz
PSU: 600W
Ram: 4gb

If the motherboard and processor are holding it back I am willing to buy some new ones. If you guys could recommend me some nice MOBOs and CPUs that would be great. Thanks
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  1. How much are you willing to spend?
  2. Anything under like 150$ for each of them
  3. I would suggest you get an Intel Core i5-3470 and an ASRock H77 Pro4/MVP motherboard
  4. Since that's a Dell computer you will not be able to upgrade motherboard without buying a new windows 7.

    A cpu upgrade is a possible, I do think some games still like a true 4 core CPU

    I don't know how you will go about a CPU upgrade, You may need a bios update which is sometimes more tricky on Pre-made systems. what is your motherboard?


    will tell you.
  5. Dell Inc. 0C2KJT A00

    Chipset Intel
  6. H57 1156 socket I'm guessing. judging by what i can find on the internet

    You may want to rethink you may struggle getting a I5 660 or something there abouts.

    & the upgrade may not be worth it

    If you can afford a NEW OS i'd buy a new motherboard BUT make sure it fits into the Dell Case.
  7. I guess I can wait some other time until I have enough money for all three. Thanks for evenrything
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