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Hey guys, and thanks for such a great site. My name is Michael, and just purchased my very first gaming laptop. I have never even had a gaming desktop, but the laptop was a better fit for me since I have to have an all in one portable gaming unit that doubles as a school computer.

I purchased a Sager NP9130, and I noticed that it had a Nvidia 670M installed. I have never played a computer game on such a graphically power computer, and was just curious if you could bring what I will experience down to my level of understanding. Mostly what I want to know is this:

How does a 670M compare to current day consoles like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360? I know that the consoles are almost 7 years old now, and I am curious if I will notice a big graphical difference on this portable gaming computer. I know, I know, you don't have to say it. Desktops will always be better gaming devices, but hey, this is what I can afford lol.

As an after note, after I ordered the laptop I found out that the 670M is built on Fermi and not Kepler. Kind of bummed about that, but all I really care about is the graphics being superior to the console experience.


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    The 670m kills all consoles X 3 or 4 times
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