XFX 7850 HD or Sapphire 6950 HD or 560 Ti

i just wanted to ask which one is better

should I buy the XFX 7850 HD 2GB and overclock it or buy Sapphire 6950 HD 2GB and flash it to 6970 HD , or forget about those cards and get a 560 Ti 1GB

all of the cards are for 220$ and I cant add a buck :D

Three more question, some of the reviews mentioned that the 6950 HD cant flash to 6970 HD and some of them said that it works perfectly after flashing to 6970 HD

here is the card :

also my motherboard only supports PCI-E 16x 2.0 so keep in mind that the 7850 HD will run slower than usual
my cpu is : AMD Phenom II x4 820 @ 2.8 GHz will it be a bottleneck? how could I overclock it ?

thank you anyway :DDD
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  1. HD 7850 definitely.
  2. I mean unlock it to 6970 , and tell me why you have chosen this card
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    I am currently using a 6950 it has little head room for overclocking. Your best bet is the newer 22nm 7850 for power efficiency. Your CPU at 2.8 will bottleneck the card but only by a small amount.

    an aftermarket cooler is a must with the x4 phenom I had one in my last build and it got hot. Also your motherboard plays a huge role in overclocking do to VRM and capacitor/mosfet count. Best tools for online AMD overclocking is AMD overdrive or using your gpu interface amd/ATI has an overclocking you and CPU function built into the suite.
  4. are you guys sure because my mobo pci-e is 2.0 and the card is 3.0
  5. PCIe 3.0 is fully backward compatible with PCIe 2.0. The 7850 will work fine but it will operate at PCIe 2.0 speed.
  6. yes and hopefully we won't see this on the forums x10 now.
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