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ive had my dell inspirion 530 for quite a while. recently ive been upgrading it. Currently im putting it into a new case. however it will not turn on. I have the font panel plugged up correctly and im sure the rest of the wiring is in the correct place. there is an amber light on the motherboard that when i have the computer plugged is is fully lit and the power supply has a green light that is lit when i have it plugged in. i push the power button and nothing happens. the power supply fan does not come on nor any other fans. everything worked before i started transfering it over
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  1. For troubleshooting purposes borrow and try a different power supply unit.
  2. Did you put in all of the correct motherboard stand-offs?
  3. You also might need to reseat the ram or reset the bios.
  4. what are standoffs? are they the spacers bewteen the motherboard and case? i didnt have those in at first and the amber light was blinking and the green led on power supply was dim, however i left it plugged in accidenally over night and when i woke up they were bright orange and bright green, unplugged it and it went back to dim and blinking. i put the spacers in and they are bring amber and bright green. however it wont turn on and i dont hear any beeps
  5. ive tried reseating the ram also. but resetting/updating a bios has always scared me so i try to avoid it
  6. I have the same computer btw.

    Take it back out of the new case, and set the motherboard on cardboard and see if it turns on.
  7. ok thanks ill try that and ill post me reply
  8. that didnt work either. any other advice?
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