GPU with a 300 watt power supply

I'm not looking for anything special. I just need a new graphic card so my computer can pass the window media center cable advisor. I currently have a 300 watt power supply, and would rather not have to replace it.

I was looking at these but they dont list Power supply needed:

Any advice? Would any of these work for what I need? I don't really plan on gaming with them and will be hooked up to my 720p tv.
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  1. Maybe, but you are close to the limit of your power supply. I think a new power supply should be your first order of business.
  2. Right I understand that, but i'm looking to go on without doing that. Thanks.
  3. Hey,

    Pretty much all cards under $50 would be fine in a prebuilt with a 300w PSU, however you really should post full system specs if you want an accurate opinion (and also if you wish us to verify that its compatible). The 8400 above is an old card. You will be better off with newer technology.

    The 210 above is a good choice for your needs. Another good choice would be an AMD 6450.
  4. Those are all pretty low power. In particular, the GeForce 210 you list should be able to work with 300w:
  5. Any of those card will be fine.

    The most powerful card that can run on a 300w PSU is a Radeon HD 7750, but there is no low profile version yet on the market although PowerColor has announced plans to sell one. However, it will like cost more than a standard full height Radeon HD 7750.
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