New Alienware m18x dead by cheap plastic HDD retaining clip

I recently purchased/recieved a DOA Alienware m18xR2(factory sealed), found HDD plastic retaining missing and rattling around inside the laptop. On 1/10/13, Dell/Alienware tech support informed they do not sell this part but recommended replacing the motherboard for a new simple broken plastic clip. Also/more importantly, this broken plastic clip is not covered under my warranty and I would need to purchase this on my own. Looks like a computer parts scam to me. Wondering if there is anyway this forum can advise/warn anyone looking to purchase one of these laptops?

Also, one needs to know if you buy one where the part is not broke and plan to add a SSD drive, upgrade graphics card, processor or memory there is that chance you could break this part and have no way to replace it short of a new motherboard from Dell/Alienware.
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  1. I got a m14x which crashed on my first boot sob :'( spend all my pocket money on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sob :'(
  2. somebody help i am not as fortunate as you are to get an m18x i ain't rich and i SPEND all of my pocket money on the m14x sob :'(
  3. If it was Doa I would just tell support that it was Doa and rma it back. Don't tell them anything more. Let them figure it out.
  4. Really! Its dead on first boot and you want to fix it? Send that crap back and get a working one. This goes for both of you with problems.
  5. Thanks send it back got it replaced by a new one. Alienware also gave me a special mouse pad as a consolation for the crash on forst boot. THANKS INFINITE TIMES TO BOTH OF YOU WHO HELPED ME! :)
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