Two 1080p Monitors off one hdmi?

Hello, my questions is can i have two 1080p monitors to my desktop? My video card has these ports DVI, HDMI, VGA but im not sure if havine some sort of hdmi splitter and split the cable to two different monitors and drag work from one monitor to another?
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  1. one HDMI and one DVI would work :) yes you can have two 1080p monitors. I have this set up myself
  2. I was hoping that you would say that!
    That DVI would do 1080p and blu rays? Ah sweet now my head ache has gone away!
  3. and i your mb has a hdmi port and a cpu with a built in gpu you can turn that on too and have a monitor run off of that wont game well but you can web and watch movies with the onboard gpu.
  4. Right because its off the mb right and now off the video card? right....what im doing is mainly video editing and lots of it and i don't want one screen lower quality than the other. So would i be able to do what Vmem said or would i have to get a video card with two hdmis?
  5. Any screen and video card with HDCP(DVI/HDMI/DP, but NOT VGA) will play bluray just fine. VGA + some software can play bluray but thats another topic.

    If your screens are only HDMI, you can also get a adapter or cable to go from DVI->HDMI(without sound)

    Enjoy the new setup.


    HDMI and DVI have the exact same image quality.

    At its core HDMI is DVI + Digital Audio.
  6. Thanks a lot i appreciate the support!!!
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