Can your uprgrade a "Netbook" cpu processor

i was wondering if you can change the processor in the LT4010u Netbook to like a Intel i 5 process instead on a intel atom processor that only runs up to 1.6 ghz... Also if you can also tell me where can i find a 4 gb ram card from a Netbook because i know you can put one intoa netbook but im not sure which one is compatable
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  1. Hi :)

    No you cannot, never in a million years would an Atom motherboard EVER run an i5... wrong socket to start with..

    Most Netbooks are limited to 2 gb of ram as well...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. After checking this model it seems that 2gb of memory is the maximum capacity.
  3. Sorry, cant; the socket type is different Ivy Bridge CPU's use LGA 1155 Socket type.
  4. The only way is to sell it and buy something with a better processor alreay in it.
  5. Yeah, like - Buy an Alienware M14x like me.
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