Random reboot


AMD 260 3.2 AS-5
ASRock 880GM-LE
G.Skill 2x4 1600 CL9D 8GBXL
Scythe Shuriken
Sapphire 6570 LP 1GB
ASUS Xonar DS 7.1 ($40 card)
ASUS PE9400 combo tv card
SGT Momentus 500/16 hybrid boot + WD Blue 320/16 SATA2
Samsung SH B123L BRD
InWin BL641.300 PSU
Encore 2N45 bgn wireless USB 5 dbi WiFi
All drivers current DL from mfr site + updates.
Running 24/7 to check it out.

Event log ID 41 / Task 63
Critical in 24 hrs/7days 3/20
Error 33/156

It might reboot at anytime or go hours between though never a day (24hrs).
Ok, PSU.. I've used this case/psu for several years with absolutely NO Problems on GB AMD 740's with same load or higher (Sapphire 4650)
Temps w/80mm exhaust : CPU 36-44;
board 30-39
SPECCY confirms voltages >= min spec.

I've run through the BIOS, set defaults where applicable, checked mem timings,v, etc. Not OCing. No point. 3.2 is fine.

Hardware checks out ok.
Started out with WD Blue + 6570 and no peripheral cards. Random reboots. Switched to Sgt momentus, reloaded Win7, added other cards.. same problem.

This thing works like a champ except for the random reboots.

Anyone have a clue? or suggestions - other than to contact ASRock? Good board with a few flukes and ideosyncracies ... i've built 15+. Next up and waiting is an ASUS FM2/A10-5800..


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  1. Not meaning to sound patronising, but it isn't anything to do with automatic windows updates rebooting your computer is it?
    I'm sure you've checked it... just wanted to make sure.
  2. good Question but.. unfortunately not. RATS!!! Believe me I checked first several times, besides update Tuesday was a few days back.

    Have other PSUs I can hook up to see if that's the prob.. new Seasonic SS 300 ET 80+ for starters.

    Also wrote to ASRock tech for ideas. Bad caps?

    thanks - Lestr
  3. I had this issue once and finally traced it down to a loose USB header on the case, I only found it because it rebooted one time when I was actually unplugging so I reconnected the header and that fixed the issue.

    On that basis I would suggest checking every single connection everywhere. Case motherboard GPU fans .... everything.

    Mactronix :)
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