Cannot fit PSU into dell inspiron 620, Corsair CX430

I recently purchased this PSU for my dell inspiron 620 .

I purchased this to replace my broken PSU unit that came with my standard cased Dell inspiron 620.

As soon as the PSU arrived I attempted to slide it it but the PSU does not slide in. It is the same size as the other psu but then I noticed it is a little bit bigger because it gets stuck by the brackets from the standard case.

Is there a way to remove these brackets?

If not, what PSU unit should I get now... I was looking for something with a bit more power.
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    Well Dells are special - they have done all kinds of non-standard stuff. It is not a "standard" case if that supply won't fit in. I don't have any words of wisdom on alternatives unfortunately.

    I once installed a standard ATX PSU in a dell and had to hack at the case somewhat to get it to fit well enough,
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  3. Thanks anyways, I think I will get just get the same brand that came with my dell.
  4. Sigh

    Bigger than the Corsair CX
  5. I know this thread is old, but i wanted to tell anyone looking around, that this PSU does fit in the dell inspiron 620 MT case. I just installed myself a cx 430 today.
  6. Glad to hear it fit. :D
  7. Thanks Blackbird, yeah i installed my 8 gigs of ram and psu today. Gpu should be here tomorrow! :D So hyped
  8. Glad to hear the upgrades are going well!!!!!!
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