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Hi folks,

I'm in the middle of configuring a new PC build and am researching cases. I'm seriously considering opting for the NZXT Phantom 820 Enthusiast (the liquid-cooling and custom panel version:
or the air cooled w/ custom panel version: but I'm seeing such mixed reviews on the case that I'm given pause. While it's a significant price tag, I like a number of the features and the look of the case, but I see warnings regarding ease of use (cleaning/filters) and build quality (drive bays, fan mounts).

I'm posting to see if anyone here has experience of the case (either version) and might offer info or advice. Failing that, if there are recommendations on upper end BIG desktop cases with space for an extended motherboard, multiple HDs, two big 7970 cards, many USB ports, card reader, fan controler and lots of frills. I want something big, heavy, (aluminum or steel - no plastic!) that is black, silver or gunmetal. I'm currently using a silver extended/paneled Thermaltake Armor which has been a good servant but I'm looking for an upgrade in terms of size and features.

Not locked into liquid or air cooling - I won't be overclocking in any big way so I lean toward air, however. Price isn't a big concern.

Advice/suggestions/opinions welcomed and appreciated!
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  1. I've been considering a Mountain Mods UFO for my water cooling needs - seems to be a lot of options there. I had been looking into the NZXT Switch 810 until I somehow ended up at the Mountain Mods site (I'd been there a few times but had never really shopped until recently). I've a thread started looking for feedback on the UFO here

    Just an option to consider
  2. Hi :)

    Lian Li... big and aluminum, black or silver ...

    Not cheap though...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Thanks to you both for the suggestions. I hadn't seen the Mountain Mods cases before - those look interesting. I'll browse tomorrow.

    As for Lian Li, Brett... I've used a couple before and they've been well built (very) with some good features but rather dull on looks and a bit ... sparse, perhaps. Not a fan if I'm spending 2-500 dollars for my main system build. I just browsed their current generation of e-atx compatible cases and nothing grabs me. Thanks all the same.

    The hunt continues!
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