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FX 8350 compatibility with Windows 7 or Linux


I heard that Windows 7 has some problem in handling FX 8350 and its 8 cores, am I right?

Does Linux Mint or Linux Ubuntu have problem in handling the FX 8350 properly?

Is Linux or Windows 7 compatible with FX 8350 8 core CPU?

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  1. 7 and the 8350 are compatible.

    AMD was saying that windows didn't know how to fully utilize the architecture's capabilities, and that somehow caused the chips to not compare well with Intel's offerings. (But that appears to have been AMD making excuses)

    I also remember reading a thread about the number of cores not "displaying" properly but the performance was still fine.
  2. There's also supposed to be a patch available for Windows 7 to improve the performance of these AMD FX chips, though it doesn't seem to make a huge difference.

    As the above posted noted, it will run Windows 7 but not as fast as AMD would have hoped.
  3. That patch was released some time ago and it didn't really improve performance much in general. Specifically, it improved performance in some programs, but it also decreased performance in other programs. The net was more or less zero and the patch has since been taken offline and is no longer available for download.
  4. Thanks very much all three of you! I really appreciate all these info!!!
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    I just built a new pc to replace my 4 year old one.

    amd 8350
    Corsair Obsidian d550 ATX case (great ventilzation/modularization
    Corsair AX750 Gold Series Power Modular Supply
    16GB ram GSkill Ripsaw
    asus sabertooth 990FX R2.0 motherboard
    gtx 650 graphics (384 gpu but no sli - I don't do games but this is a great card for $90)

    I run Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit and it really runs great on this machine & cpu !

    Last nite I had 15 simultaneous video conversions (avi to mpeg4) going using the Handbrake app and the AMD 8350 wasn't breaking a sweat as I was still able to watch a netflix video & browse the web at same time. Those video conversions finished in about 20 minutes. On my old Quad core AMD 940 that would have taken well over an hour at least.

    Of all the parts of this build I really have to say the Corsair D550 case impressed me the most. It wasn't the most expensive part of the build but geez Corsair "really" did some great engineering on that Case. 2 front intake fans, 1 rear, both sides just push a button to remove, front face can open either direction to access DVD or other drives, modular no-tool drive mounts w/vibration damper snapon connectors and 3 more fan openings (2 top and one side) if you need them.

    As to Win7... I just tonite tried to boot Windows 7 ultimate but it blue screened during boot.

    NOTE though that my disk with Win7 ultimate has NOT had any updates/patches applied since Win7 was first installed on that external eSata drive. I am suspecting that I just need to update Win7 and perhaps Microsoft will have fixed whatever is causing the problem. I had already read that Win7 had a problem with the 8 core cpu w/out some patch so that will be checked later tonite.

    I got the AMD 8350 because I do a lot of virtualization and having the extra cores means I can run more virtual machines simultaneously when doing "work" related stuff.
  6. Thanks Bmullan very much! I really appreciate this info!!!
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