6850 Crossfire low gpu usage / low fps :-((

hello folks,

i'm so frustrated it's sad! i spent my hard earned money on two 6850 graphics card, 750w PSU, and so far this is money that's gone to waste cuz it's not doing a thing to frame rate.

just so everyone know, i've googled til the cows come home, and i have not found a single solution, so i've turning to you.

here's my setup:
1) amd athalon ii x4 645, 3.1 ghz, quad core
2) 8gig RAM, ddr3 1066
3) two 6850, 1 gig ram (1 x msi, 1 x sapphire)
4) m5a97 mobo
5) 1 card on x16 pci-e lane, 1 card on x4 pci-e lane (as reported by gpu-z)
6) win 7 64-bit os

tools using to benchmark / test:
1) msi afterburner (measure gpu usage and frame rate)
2) taskmanager (to check cpu usage)
3) ati catalyst 12.6

i'm currently playing ac revelation. the frame rates at various points drop to low 20's!! my graphic settings in-game is reasonable: 4x multisampling, all else settings at the highest.

am i whacked out in thinking i should be able to get 50 or higher fps?! please advice, as i'm so disgusted with the money i've already spent, and not getting in thing in return. thank you!
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  1. you need 3.8-4ghz
  2. Your CPU is probably bottlenecking your crossfire setup. What kind of frames were you getting with just one card?
  3. tinnitus / blader15sk8:

    i get slightly better frame rates when using just 1 gpu. also, checking taskmanager for cpu usage, cpu usage reaches roughly 70% or so.
    with respect to cpu bottlenecking, i thought the whole point of getting powerful gpu was to take the load off cpu?! what am i missing from my thinking? thanks
  4. Im in a similar boat as you, added im using 2 6870s, 1 Sapphire 1 HIS, I somewhat got things fixed. My CPU is OC to 3.7. What output r u using ?
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