How to get my pc to use my better graphics card

Right now my pc is using intel graphics, how do i get it to use my 7850? Thank you
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  1. Do you have the monitor hooked into the 7850? If so it should default to using that.
  2. no i don't, because i only have a vga plug and my gpu doesn't have a plug for vga
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    There's the problem!

    You need one of these

    If you have any other computer savvy friends though i would ask them if they have one before you buy one. I have 2 in my bonus parts bins, they came with most GPUs when VGA and DVI were both common.
  4. oh ok, do monitors usually come with hdmi plugs and all those other ones? Because i was planning on getting a new monitor anyway
  5. Any modern monitor will come with at least a DVI port, most come with an HDMI as well and some still come with VGA ports. If you need the cable that depends on the monitor, on newegg it will be listed in package contents under details, for example this one says it comes with a DVI and a VGA cable
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  7. ok, thanks for the help! :D
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