9800gt on G41M-P28

So I just set up my new build, but for some odd reason my motherboard is only using my "Standard VGA adapter" and not my video card.


Video card-

What's even stranger is that I have my monitor plugged into the 9800's DVI and it works, but it still says Standard VGA adapter"

I checked the bios and it is running PCI-e as the priority and I have all the power plugs plugged in.

Anyone have any idea why it won't work?
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    Did you download and install Nvidia display drivers? If not, windows (most likely XP in your case) recognizes it as a generic display adapter.
  2. Running vista for now but that worked.

    First thing I did was try and get the adapters but the auto-find hardware for drivers did not work on nvidia's site so I ended up searching manually and it worked just fine. THANKS!
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