3570k temps too high?

so I just installed a new 3570k with a hyper 212+ and overclocked it to the z77-extreme6 preset of 4.2, anyways my max when 100% load is about 67c is this too high?
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  1. thats alright temp for load, i wouldnt worry, thats a healthy range :)
  2. alright awesome :D is 4.2 a good overclock or do you think i should push it to 4.4?
  3. eh id keep it at 4.2 and run prime95 for multiple hours and make shur it doesnt crash if its stable, than try 4.4 or 4.5 gigahertz and run prime95 again.
  4. ok at what temp do you think i should be worried
  5. 78+degrees max load.
  6. alright thank you for the help
  7. anytime bro, good night :D
  8. iceclock said:
    78+degrees max load.

    Never seen this number ever before... Typically the cpu shuts itself off at 105 but even the laptop cpus run up into the 90s. I'd stay below 80.

    Also DO NOT USE the motherboards overclocking presents. The over volt really bad and cause higher then needed temps.
  9. oh ok, well then i will experiment a little bit
  10. i said i wouldnt recommand going over 78 degrees and more at load, u can go higher but will put more wear and tear on it :)
  11. iceclock said:
    i said i wouldnt recommand going over 78 degrees and more at load, u can go higher but will put more wear and tear on it :)

    i wasnt questioning the validity of the number. its close to what everyone recommends but my question is where did it come from? lol why 78*c not 80*c?
  12. i dunno, im just weird like that :D
  13. lol... so then with this temp do you guys think i wont be able to pull over 2 years?
  14. should be fine, wouldnt worry, in 2 years ull probably get a new cpu lol.

  15. Yeah I will :P but I need it to last 2 years with no problems so do you think it can run as good as new for 2 years at this over clock?
  16. yes, if u see the temps are getting higher u can always get a better cooler.
  17. PanicMaster85 said:
    Yeah I will :P but I need it to last 2 years with no problems so do you think it can run as good as new for 2 years at this over clock?

    you could run it in the 90s for two years. remember laptop cpus are the exact same chip with minor differences and they can run full out for years on end. people for some reason just like to run desktop cpus cooler cause they can.

    if it was doing any major damage it would shut itself down... oh wait it will do that! lol

    also what really does damage is not the heat its with voltage but then again higher voltage creates higher voltage. So basically keep the voltages down and temps are really a concern till your getting to triple digits. intels shut down temp is 105 and will throttle itself in the 80/90s i believe....?

    people just like to play it safe and say below 80.
  18. What happens when it throttles....I known have to reinstall my gpu drivers when it does is it kind of the same thing.... Also I heard my performance will degrade is that true with my voltage
  19. just dont mess with voltage when u overclock, also trottling im unshur of.
  20. You need to mess with the voltage when you over clock though I will lower it until it crashes
  21. well yeah im just saying dont raise the vcore too much, as more voltage=moreheat and more heat= more wear and tear on the cpu, if ur really wanting to push ur cpu to the limit and not worry about temps, i can recommand a nice closed in water cooling system or a extreme aircooler, whats ur budget?
  22. I have a decently tight budget of below 100 after buying the 3570k and I can't fit a very nice water cooling in my haf912 I don't think though if you know of any cooling system I could saved up though I like air cooling
  23. so 100$ i can get u a nice air cooler:


    the dh14 if it fits in ur case 80$

    also got these:


    phanteks PH-TC14PE 80$

    also these:


    thermalright silverarrow quite good.

    also this:


    nxzt havoc.

    so those are pretty much ur choices, out of all of them the dh14, the silverarrow are my top pics.
  24. Ok btw is there an easier way to remove the heat sink from the cpu? I had to slide my 8120 off and that was very dangerous
  25. i dont really know to be honest, i dont install heatsinks, or cpus for that matter, but anything else in the pc im game for.
  26. Lol ok I will look at these when I get home I'll keep you posted
  27. alrighty sounds good :)
  28. You do t really need a high end cooler for that cpu. You core temps are limited by how much heat the cpu cooler can take out is limited by the amount of heat the internal heat spreader can get to the cpu cover plate. A high end cooler shows marginal improvement
  29. well i dunno about that, the stronger coolers will give u a better temperature overlong term and when u start cranking the vcore and temps go up u want that extra cooling :)
  30. Yeah I see what you mean I need some extra cooling but I'm just surprised it went up to 70 at 4.3 when with the 8120 was at 4.7 it was 60 maxed
  31. beats me, u can get 2 same chips same models, and wont heat or overclock the same.

    its like playing the cpu chip lottery.
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