Xfx 8800 gts dying, need advice on a new card please..

Hello, copy/pasting -p


BUDGET RANGE: 100/175€

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming - Lots of different stuff, i usually race on simbin sims like gt legends and gtr titles but i also play a lot of flight simulator x and aerofly fs. Also spend a lot of time in skyrim, gta iv, farcry 2, dirt 3, f1 2011, max payne 3. After that just use my pc for net/movies/facebook lol, its 75% for gaming -)

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: 8880 gtx xxx and enermax 500w with 32A@12v.

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: core2duo e6600 @ 3,2ghz water cooled, Gygabyte ep45t-u3dr 1.0, corsair ddr3 1600.

PARTS PREFERENCES: Ati and physx -) well my board only has 1 pci-e slot so.. ill stick with nvidia i think..i like ati/amd a bit more then nvidia but i really like physx..i guess i´m stuck with nvidia still (im not putting the amd option entirely away but if its a close call i´ll go for the nvidia for now). No real preference in card makers but in portugal its easier to get asus, evga, gainward, msi, xfx and zotac.


MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1024x768, 1440x900, in near future also 1680x1050, maybe even 1920x1200 depending if i can get a graphic card that stands that.

So,i think my card it´s dying, at the moment i only get 800x600 and with a lot of green and purples lines all over..sometimes when i startup the pc it recognises the 8800gts but after 5 minutes crashes and i have to reset it. After that windowz 7 installs my graphics with a vga standard driver..Im just hoping its not the pci-e.
I already did a lot of research in tom´s site and also techpowerup and im a bit confused really..with 175€ i can get a gtx560 (not TI) or i can get an amd XFX 7770 Black for 160€, but i´m not really excited with the performance of those too.. then i saw something a bit more cheaper like the gtx 550 ti but in this case it just seems too weak.. i don´t know.
I Like graphics and i like to max out my games, my xfx 8800 gts still runned every game with medium/high settings @ 1440x900, the most recent game i´m playing is max payne 3 and it played smooth with dx10 and high setting enabled, of course almost all games with no AA but hey..
Just need some sugestions/opinions please.. maybe its worth paying +/- 210€ for the gtx 560 ti? or a gtx 460 i saw used for 75€? -) something that would run these latest games in high or very high settings @ 1680x1050..with AA from now on please
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  1. 6870.
  2. A GTX 560 Ti is another good alternative and should fall within your budget range.
  3. For a core 2 duo, take advantage of your watercooling and OC to 4GHz

    At 4ghz, a GTX460 is the best you can pair up with a core 2 duo without bottleneck

    its a 90€ card too!
  4. if i go ati im thinking maybe 6850 or 8670...but the room where the pc is located is very hot, 20/25ºC min air temp so..i dont know about those cards.
    as for my cpu is@3.2 and 40ºC under load on the coolest days, 50ºC in summer temps...so i don´t know about 4ghz as i have to raise voltage for that speed almost for sure, but i´ll try -)
    GTX 560 ti its very expensive for me, last,last resort really -(
    GTX 560 not ti annoys me because its just a ti with a some blocked resources...but its 50€ cheaper...is it really 50€ cheaper in performance too?
    GTX 460 i only can get used..its the 1gb 192bits model btw..Gainward.
    Also, how are the mentioned cards under directx9 and 11? all good?
  5. All those models are DX11,

    GTX560SE is the best bet for a 560, although more bottleneck on your cpu if youd dont overclock it.

    You have plenty of room to overclock at an idle of 40c.

    If you get a 460 there are a few things to take in mind:

    As technology advances, the 460's life span is not as much as a 560

    You can transfer your 560 over to a new rig that you make in the future

    The 560 is more of a bottleneck on your cpu, and has stutter on STEAM games.

    Be sure to choose a post as the solution to your question when you feel as though you figured what card is good for you! ;)
  6. just found a MSI GeForce GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozr II 1 GB used with 1 year warranty for 100€.. i guess ill buy that one.
    Too much bottleneck with my e6600@3.2/3.6 or 4ghz?
  7. There may be a small bottleneck, but not anything to fume over, maybe a few FPS at most. Get that card if it really is that price.
  8. http://www.custojusto.pt/Porto/Laptops/Placa+Grafica+Nvidia+GTX+560+TI+1+GB-5408276.htm?xtcr=1&

    The picture is a msi twin frozr but i just sent email trying to confirm.. but i think ill buy it even if its not that particular msi.. gtx 560 ti for 100€ here in portugal sounds nice, they all cost 200€+ new.

    Thanks for the reply´s -)
  9. Even if by chance it's a non Ti 560, I would get it as you said, it's a good deal. I would jump on that before it is sold.
  10. ya, cheapest non ti around here cost at least 175€.
    But now im kind hoping that the pic is real, just read a review on that card at techpowerup, liked the review and love the cooler -)
    But ya, i think ill get even if its not ti, that 1 year warranty is also a big + for me.
  11. Go for it, report back when you get it. ;)
  12. bah, bad news, already sold it, only has an HD 7850 now for 200€
    i cant afford that by now, so..
    but i read a lot of stuff by now..im kinda gaving up on my physx demand.
    I´m between these two cards, 7770 or Gtx 560 SE.
    I did have an ati some years ago and the support was a bit...weak, i read the forums, some say its better, some say its the same, lots of bla bla bla issues with AMD cards.
    On the other hand i don´t like nvidia policies/prices to be honest.
    So..on your opinions, 7770 or Gtx 560 SE ?
    Oh, and..stupid question but, its a Intel Cpu and AMD Gpu a good combo?
  13. bla bla bla
    got a 7770 now
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