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I am currently subscribed to a monthly plan of wi-fi internet. I don't have access to broadband and wi-fi is the only thing I could get. So, being that this service is rather expensive I decided to try and set up a router to interface with other devices in the area (the wi-fi account can only be accessed by the original ip address device). However, I am having problems.

Do I hook my LAN cable to the internet port on the router or the 1-4 ports? Also, everything I've tried in Windows 7 produces no positive results. I can hook up to the router, and my laptop has internet access but my other devices have no internet access through the router. Please advise.
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  1. What type of wi-fi device are you using? Also what type of router are you using?
  2. Jantech said:
    What type of wi-fi device are you using? Also what type of router are you using?

    The wi-fi is a wireless internet feed that my laptop is receiving from a wireless router. I have a Linksys E1500.
    After messing with my Windows networking sharing options, the router's setup options, and the firewalls of both I finally gave up and decided to just bridge the connections. I just had to plug the LAN connection into the Internet port on the router and it came right up.
    I wanted to avoid doing that because I believe it's less secure with regards to others on the network and access to my laptop itself. There should be a way through Windows to have what I want but I was only able to have router communicatikn and internet once during the whole 3 hours of fiddling, which only lasted about 5 minutes.
    Any further ideas on how to do this properly? I know it's kind of the opposite connection lineup for wi-fi that most people use, but it's my only option at the moment.
  3. I'm sorry that looks to me to be your best option.
  4. Alrighty then. Thanks for replying back man.
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