CORSAIR shows VS 350 not applicable

Can anybody let me know wht is tht
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  1. Not applicable to what?
  2. 80 plus certified
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    None of the Corsair VS Series model power supplies have 80 PLUS certification because they are unable to qualify and pass testing. This series is only available in select regions of the world.

    The Corsair VS Series are 220V ~240V AC Input Only.

    For desktop system power supplies 80 PLUS Certification requires that the power supply must be able to handle both 115 VAC or 230 VAC input voltage.

    Not having 80 PLUS certification does not mean that the power supply is unable to meet the efficiency level to obtain the certification.

    Obtaining 80 PLUS certification does not guarantee that the power supply will be better or more reliable than a power supply that doesn't have 80 PLUS certification.

    The testing temperature of 23°C ± 5°C doesn't reflect a real world operating environment which makes it easy for some poor quality power supplies to pass the test. This is why 80 PLUS certification should not be a requirement on which to base your purchasing decision on.
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  5. thanks dude for ur answer was really helpful but i am having one more question so what should i look so that i can buy the best smps with highest efficiency
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