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Hi everyone. I have a dell xps 8300 core i 7 2600. I upgraded the psu a while back to a antec earthwats 650w psu to run my computer with evga gtx 560ti. The psu is 650wats and has two 12v rails at 38amp. Looking for a boost in graphing performance over my Ti but dont know if my psu is up for the job for a radeon 7950/7970. Amd doest specify 12v rail requirements like nvidia does, amd only says 500 watts or higher. Looking for a single gpu solution. Any info will be appreciated. thank you
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  1. I would go for a EVGA GTX 670 FTW, best price to performance ratio IMO.

    My FTW whomps on both the 7950/7970 in most games and even the mighty reference 680 out the box.

    Your PSU should handle one of these cards fine, they use as much energy as your GTX 560 Ti but are more than twice as powerful, crazy stuff indeed.
  2. thanks for your reply. I would love to go for a 600 series nvidia cards but there is a bios issue with the xps 8300 where none of them will post. nvidia knows this but the upgrade for vbios is taking forever and dell will not release a bios upgrade. So i have no choice but to go for a 7000 series radeon. I have the 7750 actually and it works fine. SO 38amp 12v rail is enough for a 7950 ?
  3. 650W is enough for a HD 7950/7970.
  4. Hmm, I'm having a difficult time finding that information. But I honestly think your PSU should handle them since it's certified for SLI/CF and according to Tom's review, it does not use much energy compared to the 5XX series Nvidia GPU's.

    That sucks that Dell is slow on updating their equipment, that's why I always opt for custom built :),3123-19.html
  5. thanks guys for your help. i will order the 7950 from new egg :)
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