High Idle Temp + Hyper 212+ problems

Hey everyone;
I've just recently finished building up my new system that consists of a 3770k and a hyper 212+ which are enclosed in a NZXT Phantom Case. The current CPU cooler that I have is quite large, I can't close the side lid of my case tightly otherwise the pipes that are sticking out from the top of the heat sink will push the side fan to the point of where the fan itself touches the case and causes quite a racket.

At the moment I'm getting Idle temps that vary from 30-36(MAX), though before I was getting 26ish.. Could my CPU Cooler, being that it's poorly designed when screwing it down, cause such a problem with my temperatures?

What type of CPU cooler would you guys recommend that I could get? A CPU cooler that doesn't have pipes sticking out of it to hit my side fan on the case which is 20cm large.

I don't really want to go water cooling as I have gone for water cooling before, and it didn't give me results that are great...

Thanks very much.
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  1. cpu temps are going to change a few deg...one the thermal paste has to cure..most times it a few hours to days. the other thing that change your cpu temps is the temp inside your home. so a few c changes in temp is normal for any pc thermal sensor.
  2. Firstly, 30-36 is fine for idle. What's you load temps like?

    Secondly, the technology used to transfer heat in the EVO is different from a stock cooler so a difference in idle temps, although unwanted, isn't really surprising.
  3. You mentioned not being able to close the side lid of the case tightly. Is there a gap or anything where air can get in and out of the case ?

    Also I'm guessing your previous Temps 26°C was based on Stock Cooler and Thermal Paste, correct me if I'm wrong.

    To be honest 30°C - 36°C on Idle is not bad at all. What Thermal Paste are you using now ?

    Please post your current Temps on Idle and Under Load
  4. Nah 26 idle was with the hyper 212+ :)
    I've just now ran prime and did the blend test and across all cores I am getting an average temperatures of around ~55 degrees Celsius when reviewing temperatures with RealTemp but then a utility that came with the motherboard was showing that my CPU was at a temperature of around 36~ Celsius, which I'm assuming is really high for a CPU which is at pure stock right? I have a feeling that I may have put too much thermal paste on my CPU, another reason being that the hyper 212+ is designed poorly when it comes to installing the heat sink as its extremely fiddely.

    As for the side of the case not being able to fit perfectly, their is a very small gap where air could escape, but its small that I highly doubt it could have any effect upon the temperatures the CPU is steaming off.

    Would you guys recommend to go with the Noctua NH-D14 and loose the 20cm side fan?
    Or would you guys really recommend for me to go with the Corsair H100i? Even though it is water cooling, I'm dying to have my CPU run at a cooler temperature..

    Thanks so much for all you're replies too!
  5. Also forgot to mention, I'm using Noctuas thermal paste :-)
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