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Sorry I'm kind of new to this whole scene, but I am interested in building my very first pc and would like as much help and as possible. Like most people I don't want to break the bank but I would like to try and keep it under $1200 while still being able to get the most bang for my buck. I do play a lot of games ranging from mmos to fps so somewhat decent specs would be nice so that it runs nicely. I have been searching around and have a couple ideas (links below) but any feedback would be nice. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Both links are a solid guide, but they are reasonably outdated (2nd one is over a year old) which means the value for money aspect has shifted.

    To help, it'd be good to know a few pieces of additional information.

    - Do you need the budget to include Windows?
    - Do you need the budget to include a monitor?
    - If you don't need a monitor, what is your current monitor? (This is important because there is no point suggesting a high power system if you can only display at 720P or so)
    - Do you need the budget to include any other peripherals?
    - Are you interested/keen/confident in overclocking a CPU?
    - Aside from gaming, do you have any other requirements?

    People will make suggestions, but without that sort of info they are kinda pointless.
    For that kind of budget there are probably two rough builds

    i5 3570K
    decent cpu cooler
    good z77 motherboard
    8gb 1600mhz ram

    i5 3450/3470
    cheap or stock cooler
    value b75 or h77 motherboard
    8gb 1600mhz ram

    Obviously the first can work out significantly more expensive, but if you are interested in overclocking it can give you really good performance. Alternatively, the second build gives you more money to throw at graphics which is really where you gain most in games anyway, and is a bit easier to set up. There are also AMD builds if you have a preference in that direction.
    Either of those will likely be paired with graphics cards in the $200-300 region, depending on how much money there is to spend and what the resolution you'll be playing at will be. HD7850/HD7870/HD7950 GTX660/GTX660Ti/GTX670 are all possibilities.
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  3. if u are going to stream or render videos then fx 8350 is the best option it beats even the i7 3770k in most of the games and programs only in benchmak softwares fx processors have less score if u want to see for ur self search on utube for the channel razetheworld and watch there comparison

    amd fx 8350
    a good 970 chipset mobo
    gpu=hd 7870/660ti
    8 gig vengenance memory
    case zalman z11 or phantom ones
    a ssd 128gig for the os and the games u play the most
    a 1tb black hdd
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