How much RAM should I get with my AMD FX-8350

I am building my first PC and would like to know how much RAM I should put in my beast that will have an AMD FX-8350 in it. I want to know the amount of RAM that would be most effective for this CPU. 16GB? or 32GB? Does a machine really need 32GB with an AMD-3650?
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    It depends on how you are gonna use it...
    4GB with normal windows 7/8 64bit programs are today's minimum
    8GB it's the sweet spot, very few programs will actually fill them
    16 or 32GB if actually know you are using that program x which will consume LOTS of ram

    Building many machines,my advice is to go 8GB for now with a low latency:
    -1600 CAS 8(good)
    -1866 CAS 9(very slightly better)
    since all AMD cpus aren't exactly monsters of ram bandwidth, a good ram will keep the beasties feeded ;)
    By experience corsair,crucial,g.skill and patriot always deliver.
    Buy a dual bank kit(2x4GB) since 8350 has two memory channels.

    Oh by the way,FX-8350 IS a beast of a processor,it's just that many programmers compile badly threaded programs with Intel compiler, and many reviewers think prime95 and itunes are real world heavy programs.Don't be fooled ;)

    have a nice day
  2. I'd recommend a dual-channel, 8gb 1866mhz set. You can get 1866 for just a few dollars more than 1600, and it really is worth that little bit extra. is actually a very good price for good timings.
  3. I was planning on doing 16GB 1866 ;). I'm using this as a gaming machine. Thank you for your responses!
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  5. Just get 2x8gb dimms and then you can always get 2 more later if you feel you need it. I doubt you will need more than 16gb though. Most gamers won't add more than 8gb.
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