Artifacting in video streaming!


Everytime I use the GPU decoding option in video players on .mkv files, I get this strange artifacts all video long. Before I change my videocard for my new hd 7970 (from a hd 6850), everything was fine when using this option. So is my videocard some kind of faulty?

Here's a picture of the problem :
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  1. What application are you using to play mkv files? VLC? If so, what version? Also, what version of video drivers are you using?
  2. Hello,

    Did you upgrade to 12.6 (non beta) drivers yet? 12.6 drivers mention they fix artifacting in movies (which I was getting with 12.6Beta).
  3. So I tried upgrading to catalyst 12.6, but I still get the artifact...

    By the way, yes I'm using VLC, version 2.0.2.

    I'm also sometimes experiencing crash when launching videos (in every player, even from the internet). I'm only experiencing these issues when watching videos, gaming is fine.
  4. 1080i,ycbcr set to 4.2.2,w7 color set to scrgb,in amd hertz set to 29.97,lastly might need to deactivate itc in gpu also set deinterlacing in gpu to your screen setting (probably motion adaptative at minimum,if you can you can set it at max .
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    OK, there seems to be a glitch with some video players (like VLC) and Catalyst 12.6. I have seen personally with an Alienware M15x with a HD5850m GPU. This does not happen on my other AMD based GPUs.

    Have you tried another player (like DIVX)? Also, did you have this problem with the previous versions of Catalyst?
  6. Thx, it was indeed a driver issue (12.7 beta). The 12.4 seems to solve the artifacting!
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