New Build, internet problems, help please

I built a very fast computer within the past few months, but I have noticed that when loading internet pages, it hangs up longer than it should. I am confused because I cannot diagnose the problem, I don't know if there is something wrong with the windows installation, hardware, software or what. Help would be appreciated.
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  1. which browser and which version?Any addon install?
  2. 1. Did you download the LAN drivers for your mobo?
    2. I your browser/Flash/Java up to date?
    3. Did you install all the Windows updates?
  3. Try different browsers (Chrome, Firefox etc) and if possible different computers on your network. If it doesnt change between computers, it's your internet connection.

    If its only your computer, but across all browsers, you will need to do some further diagnostics (e.g. network card drivers etc - I can't advise here really) and if its fixed with a diff browser - use it.

    you could try some ping tests to various websites. If download tests and pings are OK it may be your dns server. It could also be your router/modem incorrectly configured.

    Good luck diagnosing it :)
  4. Try Google Chrome. It's so fast. Love it.
  5. I downloaded all of the LAN drivers a while back so i'm pretty sure thats not the problem. Im using google chrome, but it does the same thing on internet explorer 9, so im pretty sure its not the browser. But I dont think its the internet connection because I just moved into a different house with a completely different internet connection and it still does it. Also different computers on the same network do not have the same problem I do. Its not a major problem but just sometimes, like when doing a quick google search when it should be lightning fast, it hangs up and takes like ten seconds. AND NO ONE LIKES WAITING TEN SECONDS!! I uninstalled flash player and it seemed to go much faster, so Im not sure if that is the problem.
  6. Ok just checked my ping and download speed and they are horrible 168ms and like 3mbps download. No good. I didn't think to do this because in the previous house I had the same problem, but with average ping and download speeds. So the problem remains because the poor ping and download speeds suggest that it is the internet connection, but if this were the case then every computer would be having the same problem, and this is not the case.
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