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I have undertaken my first build and would like some advice. I have a cooler master 932 HAF and a ASUS Maximus V Extreme motherboard. It has 8 different 4-pin fan connections. I was able to hook up the cpu heat sink to the cpu fan 1 port with no problems, however a friend of mine was helping me with the build and connected the rest of the fans directly to the power supply, a cooler master silent pro 700 watt power supply to be exact. How would I connect the fans to the motherboard so I can see their progress in the BIOS? They only have three holes and the mobo has four prongs the case I have has 3 230mm fans and one smaller fan in the back if I disconnect them from the power supply and connect them into the motherboard will they still receive power? I understand this may be a novice question but I would appreciate the help thanks. Also where, if I do unplug the fans from the power source, should I plug them back into on the motherboard exactly? Thanks again
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  1. If you have the fan connectors on the board they will accept a 3 pin(hole) even if they are 4 pin and supply them power. You can plug them into any system fan connector that is available, it is your choice.
  2. As Rolli stated, you can connect the 3 wire fans to the 4 pin motherbd headers. Just line up the tab on the fan's connector so it goes into the matching slot on the motherbd's header and the correct pins will line themselves up. Your fans will run at full speed but trust me, they are quiet.
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