Hi i want to ask few questions i want to buy some new parts for my pc and just wanted to ask if it match to my mother board.my mother board is gigabyte ga-g31m-es2l my cpu is e5300 and i have 4gb ddr2 ram and my gpu is nvidia 9500gt 1 gb ddr2 i want to buy core 2 quad q9400 for my pc but dont know if it match with my motherboard or if it does will it be good with ddr2 ?? my other question is i want to buy nvidia gtx 550 ti but some people say that it may not work on my mother board any ideas if these parts work on my motherboard ? thanks.
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  1. The question you should ask what is your budget for upgrading?

    Tom's has some great ideas and read some of the forums to see what you can do.
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  3. Both parts will work with your motherboard. The processor is compatible with your motherboard since BIOS version "FC". This BIOS version is required for your current E5300, so no additional steps are necessary. The graphics card you've selected is PCI-E version 2.0 which is fully compatible with all PCI-E versions, so no concerns there either.

    I would agree with SpookyMan, however, in that there may be some better upgrade options. We won't know until you can give us a budget.

    -Wolf sends
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