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Hello, guys i want to ask is it better to upgrade my GPU or CPU? Im currently thinking to buy the Asus GTX 660 ti and an Intel Core i5 3570k with a new mobo. My current setup is AMD Athlon II X2 with a XFX 5670

I mostly play Battlefield 3 and well most of all games except RPG and MMO. So which is better ?
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  1. A little confusing on your question.

    A 3570k + 660ti will smoke what you have.

    If you're only looking at to upgrade your gpu or cpu in this case I go with the cpu. Though even if I had to wait longer I would simply replace my mobo, cpu, and gpu.
  2. Right now, the games you play are very sensitibve to CPU speed, so a CPU upgrade might actaully be a better choice than a GPU one at first.

    I'm just going to list the advantages of both upgrades.
    A CPU upgrade will allow you to play games much smoother than now, but at the same settings.
    A GPU upgrade will allow you to significantly increase the settings, but the gamesplay won't be that smooth.
  3. How about phenom II x4 (if your motherboard supports it)and a Radeon 7850. Unless you are getting the other half of the upgrade shortly you will not get a much of a performance upgrade with only CPU or GPU.
  4. Will the Phenom II x4 bottleneck the HD 7850
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    No it would be well balanced. I have a Phenom x4 @ 3.7GHz + a 6950 2Gb (very slightly less performance than a 7850) and it can play all the games I have on Ultra settings. I don't have BF3 though you may have to drop to high in large multiplayer maps.
    An Athlon x2 will be a huge bottleneck for a 660Ti & a 5670 isn't really a gaming card.
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