Which is better for programming?

i just want to know which CPU is faster in programming. is it intel core i5 or amd fx 8 core cpu or the i7?
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  1. Intel i7 hands down.no amd cpus can beat i5 and i7.but it is better to get i5 instead of i7.
  2. Depends on the program you're coding in, and whether it makes use of hyperthreading or not.

    If it can use hyperthreading and 8 logical cores, get the i7.

    If it can't use hyperthreading, but can use 8 logical cores, get the AMD.

    If it can't use hyperthreading and can only use 4 or fewer cores, get the i5.
  3. fx 8350
  4. i use eclipse
  5. Srry to bring it up but ASHISH did u even look at the question? i mean programming, right away for intel and an i5? DarkSables at least gave a reason, this isnt gaming where right away intel is the conclusion
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